IT Support for Robin Oatridge

May 2019 – New Server Installation


Previous IT Issues

Their server was going offline on a weekly basis, which meant their internal SQL server was inaccessible together with company e-mails / files resulting in hours and sometimes days of downtime.



IT247 proposed that Robin Oatridge made a few changes to enhance their disaster recovery process, the main one being we migrated their e-mails to Office 365, that way they didn’t rely on an internal server and local internet connection.

Now all the costs are in one monthly bill knowing how much they pay for each user going forward.

At the time of the migration, we also installed a new physical HP server to host a few virtual machines, one for SQL and the other for their Remote Desktop Access.

All servers now have encrypted image backups stored offsite and local backups for faster restore process if required.

Robin Oatridge also migrated their anti-virus solution to SentinelOne, an award-winning endpoint detection solution.

All the devices are now monitored through IT247’s remote monitoring tools.