Prevent Compromised Email Accounts

Simple ways to prevent your Business from being a victim of a compromised email account.


  • Enable two-factor authentication with your email provider.


  • Install a 3rd party spam / link filtering on your domain name.


  • Install a well know Anti Virus Solution, even better an Endpoint Detection Product – SentinelOne is our preferred Solution and we have tested the lot! – Click Here


  • Keep up to date with Windows patches, ideally these should be installed within 14 days of release.


  • Email Links – DO NOT click on any email links or images that look suspicious.


  • Keep an eye on the Sender of the email, make sure the domain is exactly as you know it. We have seen this before whereby clients have received an Invoice from a so called supplier but in fact, the attackers have purchased a domain name VERY similar to the real one!